Welcome to the website devoted to writing, artistic performance, transformative speech and chirophonetic therapy in the work of Michael Burton!

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I am a speech therapist, writer and poet living in Sydney Australia. I’m working with the therapy known as chirophonetics which I am hoping to see develop in Australia, New Zealand, China and the Philippines. I am involved with the group who performed professionally Rudolf Steiner’s four Mystery Dramas during the Nineties in Europe and who have recently given me a commission  to write a script for a play that will follow on from those Four. I am a life-long student of Anthroposophy (it is 36 years since my first meeting with it in 1976), and I write poetry when I have spare time (which means, of course, that I don’t write as much these days as I would like.)

I attempt to work in all my actions out of the renewing forces of the Word, the Logos. I look with dismay and compassion at the increasing evidence of the decadence of ideas in our world and at the catastrophes that this is bringing, either already with us or still to come, and yet my work in Anthroposophy has taught me that these are shadows of the great opportunities in human evolution that are breaking in upon us.Beethoven with glass .856

I attempt in this little website to do the work of a servant of the Word. You can find information here on books written and how to buy them, on poetry, on the Mystery Drama and on chirophonetics and you can read some of my thoughts about sources for RENEWAL that are living in the WORD.

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