Contact Michael Burton and related contacts


Michael Burton – +64 29 123 0717

Email me for all enquiries regarding performance – information about children’s and adult shows, speech workshops, etc. I shall be turning the UK in July and August and the Continent in September. You can text me on the NZ number above but please don’t ring me. 

Other links:


Barbara Baldwin (main teacher, based in Adelaide, Australia) –
Michael Burton  (based in Auckland, New Zealand) –

Helen Cameron (based in Sydney, Australia) –
In China:
 Apple – 孙爱萍 –

AVAILABLE ON REQUEST: Email Michael Burton for an e-copy of Healing through Chirophonetic Therapy by Alfred Baur  (an A5 booklet of 30 pages, FREE) or for any further information:

Books related to speech:

Rudolf Steiner: Speech and Drama
Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von-Sivers: Creative Speech
Alfred Baur: Healing Sounds – Fundamentals of Chirophonetics

Websites for further information: – Chirophonetics in Australia and China – main chirophonetics website – in the German language  – Barbara Baldwin

About Anthroposophy:

Rudolf Steiner archives –
Mystery Drama –
Goetheanum in Switzerland –

Contact Michael Burton at

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