Current production: “This War is Not Inevitable” – an account of the birth of the idea of Rudolf Steiner’s Threefold Social Organism in 1917



Venues only
Latest version – 11th Feb 2018

[Honolulu Waldorf School high school Thurs 15th Feb] ***

1. Honolulu (Kolisko Conference) – Mon 19th Feb at 7.30pm

2. Kula, Maui – Sat 24th Feb at 7.30pm

[Haleakala Waldorf School high school – Mon 26th Feb] ***

Ventura College – Thurs 1st March (one or two high school shortened performances) – to be confirmed

2b. Ventura – Thurs 1st March [One evening performance – (TBC)]

3. Los Angeles, Urban First Aid – Fri 2nd March (TBC)

4. San Diego – Sun 4th March (TBC)

5. Camphill Comm’s Cal, Santa Cruz – Tues 6th March

6. San Francisco Branch – Sun 11th March

7. Santa Rosa – Weds 14th March

8. Rudolf Steiner College, Sacramento – Sat 17th March

? Eugene Waldorf School – Wed 21st March (?)

9. Portland Waldorf School – Friday 23rd March

10. Seattle – Sat 24th March (to be confirmed)

11. Duncan, BC – Week of Mon 26th March (to be confirmed)

12. Vancouver – Monday 2nd April

[Vancouver Waldorf School high school – Tues April 3rd high school] ***

13. Toronto – Fri 6th or Sat 7th April (to be confirmed)

[Toronto Waldorf School high school – Thu 5th or Fri 6th April (TBC)] ***

??Ann Arbor/Detroit and Chicago? – Sat 7th to Mon 9th April (TBC)

14. Copake Community – Tues 10th April

15. Kimberton – Fri April 13th

16. Spring Valley – Sunday 15th April 4.00pm


Lightweight Theatre has just completed the first phase of its Threefold Social Organism Theatre Project. We have done twelve performances in NZ, seven in Australia, nine in the UK and Ireland, six in Germany and one in Slovenia – 35 in total.

Our next task is to bring this play to North America. We plan to begin with a performance at the Kolisko Conference in Hawaii in February 2018 and then take the play to the West Coast and work eastwards.

Our early performances were not so strong but we have now created a vigorous and powerful experience for audiences – one that is great theatre but at the same time informative regarding what the TSO really is.

Here are some audience reactions from the eighteen performances in NZ and Australia:

THIS WAR IS NOT INEVITABLE – Comments from audience members in the first eighteen performances,

Michael Burton’s play This War is not Inevitable is a rare combination of artistic accomplishment, engaging history and relevance to the dire situation and burning issues of the present time. It was the clearest and most accessible public presentation of the three-fold nature of society I have seen. Dr. William Riggins (nutritionist, author and troubadour)

For anyone who has never read or met Rudolf Steiner – perhaps who has only heard his name – this play is the opportunity to experience Rudolf Steiner in person. Even if we have studied his work for many years, the play is a unique opportunity to travel with him on that most important and fulfilling journey from the head to the heart. The two actors touch our hearts and bring Rudolf Steiner unforgettably to life so that we come away feeling that we’ve been addressed by him in person.

It would be wonderful for parents and friends of those who have their children at a Rudolf Steiner school to see this show, at least once. Doing so would help us to answer our children’s questions regarding the founder of their school.

Having attended the first night of This War is Not Inevitable, has been a profound experience for me and I will certainly try to see it more than once.  Hartmut Borries, (priest of The Christian Community in Auckland)

 It may sound naïve, but I felt so joyful to have met Rudolf Steiner! Audience member in Christchurch

Our students don’t often hear about Rudolf Steiner. So that struck me this morning – watching the students seeing someone portraying him. You crossed quite a threshold portraying Rudolf Steiner and Emil Molt. I watched them watching you with great appreciation and a new feeling for what is behind their school. The students were full of JOY in seeing Steiner and Emil Molt portrayed. Europe ripped itself apart in the First World War, but out of this came the first Steiner School. They connected with this deeply. Every pupil at a Steiner School should see this. High School teacher, Wellington

Something that stuck with me was when you said that if you want to change things you will have to risk everything. I think that’s really true. People don’t like to take risks. As a society we have to learn to take risks and take those bold steps in order to improve the world. You got the idea of the problems in the world spot on – and what we can do about them. Class 10 student, Wellington

Although this is a historical play, it seems to me to be deeply relevant to the present situation. I loved the way Steiner was portrayed – with real passion for what he was doing; surely it is only in such a way that we can change the world! Audience member in Sydney

People in our location are doing these things. They may never have heard of Steiner or Anthroposophy, but I can see much in the Blue Mountains which is just the same as what you showed in the play. It seems to me that these ideas are trying to appear in many places in the world. Your play helps them to get stronger. Audience member in Blue Mountains, Australia

Studying a book feels so inadequate compared to what you brought to us through art. I believe that for people who find it difficult to take in Steiner’s ideas, your portrayal cuts through intellectuality and builds bridges of understanding to the spirit of Anthroposophy. Marilyn Lewis, Canberra

Before the performance I didn’t know very much about the TSO, but after I had seen this performance I came away feeling I had met with it first hand and could grasp it. It released in me a whole lot of thinking and fed me with energy for my will. Audience member in Sydney

Our High school students responded to the 50 minute version with some very insightful questions. They were drawn in by the character of the modern young Otto who is struggling with his own demons and those of the zeitgeist. Even though some of the younger students only had a vague understanding of the machinations behind World War One, they followed with close attention the endeavours of Rudolf Steiner and his friends to bring about real social change. There were many positive comments from them after the show. Sophia Montefiore, HSC coordinator at the Newcastle Waldorf School

In the evening performance of the full version, out teachers, parents and friends were able to experience Steiner’s ideas on threefolding in a lot more detail. And the thoughtful discussions and sharing of ideas at the end of the show sowed a lot of seeds for future will activities. Sophia Montefiore, Newcastle

Watching the actors come in and out of their various characters was refreshing and organic and the historical interpretation was fascinating. I am especially inspired to revisit the Threefold Social Order in response to the deep and serious problems in the world today and feel very moved, at a will level, to help bring this impulse into the world. Lisa Corser, Melbourne



This is the kickstarter video from our very earliest days; it was put together very hurriedly to raise funds to begin. Although it is very primitive it still has is a good description of what we are trying to do. On the kickstarter website I post regular updates.


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